About Lake and Woods

My name is Kelly Kehl, and I am the owner/creator/herbalist of the Lake and Woods Apothecary, the little Brick and Mortar in Suttons Bay, Michigan. My work is mainly focused around hand crafting herbal remedies from earths offerings and sharing simple advice on food, using herbs, tending home, and self care practices to those who come in or contact me.

I have lived in Northern Michigan most of my life, and it is here that my practice has flourished and thrived because of my strong bond to this community, the woods, wetlands, fields and lakes of this region. Since childhood I have shared a deep understanding and close connection with the natural world, and to be able to continue that relationship through adulthood, along with being a place for those who need solace and support is a dream come true.

Over of the course of 8 years I have taken many classes, read a plethora of books, hiked miles of land, and written pages of notes on plant medicine and its  correlation to the human body. I consider my practice to be a collaboration of everything I’ve experienced and researched in my life so far, it is like a bubbling cauldron of my own healing and upbringing, my anarchy hitchhiking days, my beautiful ancestors and parents, and will be forever evolving and boiling over as I learn from the people I meet and the environment.

Here's little tidbits and random facts about me: I adore clothing and draping myself in handmade or gently used pieces, I eat cabbage almost everyday, I love to draw and actually design all my labels, I have a plethora of tattoos even tho I despise getting them, and I am married to a handsome man named John and we share our life with a happygolucky Goldendoodle named Ranger.

Thank you for visiting my site, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.