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Thank you for visiting the online Lake and Woods Apothecary, I love that I can be here for you virtually! Just like my physical location, this is a safe and welcoming site where you can feel free to ask questions and reach out if you have any concerns. I will answer them honestly and with the knowledge that I have acquired over the years. Bear with me as I navigate this new online presence, I am so thrilled to be here for you!

Kelly, What do you do exacty  : I am a Folk Herbalist and I specialize in crafting herbal remedies from plants, amongst many other things. I am not a doctor, therefore I do not treat, diagnose or cure. I do however offer simple advice on self care practices, diet/food, and tending to life and home in a healthy way. It's up to you to reach out to your doctor if you have a serious illness or concern especially when changing your diet or taking herbal supplements. That all being said, if you take one of my remedies home with you it's your decision to consume, apply, or gift them however you'd like, but please do your research beforehand Especially because some herbs can interfere with pharmaceuticals and we want everyone to be safe and moving forward with healing.

Where do all the L&W herbs/plants come from? : As my practice evolves so does where and how I source my ingredients, I have moved 3 times since I began this journey so it's been difficult to start and maintain a sustainable garden, however I do have raised beds and wildcraft (gather plant material in its natural habitat) on family or friends land or even in and around the city if I know it's safe. In recent months I have been sourcing a lot of my bulk dried herbs from small Organic herb farmers all over the country, and cutting out the large scale herb companies in hopes to support their communities and families. I also get the occasional herb drop off from neighbors, customers and friends, who trade or just want to share their bounty. My dream is to have a small plot (1/2 an acre) of good earth to grow an Apothecary garden. Someday.   

What are Tinctures (Oxymels or Elixirs) : Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking plant material in alcohol or vinegar, and the solvent pulls out the active ingredients in the plant parts, concentrating them as a liquid to then be taken orally or applied topically in some cases.

Why do you not use Essential Oils? : I removed essential oils from my practice over 4 years ago, having never really used them in the first place, I didn't feel a strong connection when applying them to my work. After I did a lot of investigating and research on the this multibillion dollar industry, and learned about the misinformation and weird distribution of essential oils I definitely knew I didn't want to use them. Also, when I factored in the environmental impact it has to make one bottle of essential oil it broke my heart, and making slow, conscious herbal infusions with an ethical amount of plant matter made more sense to me, and would help lessen my carbon footprint.

What is the shelf life of herbal products like oils, salves, tinctures etc..? : Most of my remedies can have a pretty long shelf life if kept out of direct sun, heat, moisture or from bacteria festering hands or mouths. My serums are best used within 6-12 months, salves 1+ years, butters 6-12 months, teas/dried herbs 1-2 years (if kept in a dark cupboard and stored in a tight jar/container), tinctures/elixirs 1-3 years (smell & taste if had longer), and oxymels 1 year (refrigerate to prolong life). I don't use preservatives so it's up to you to make sure your remedies are safe from spoilage, keep hands clean and dry when handling balms, and your mouth away from the dropper!

How do you take a tincture (elixir/oxymel) : Dosage is personal preference, and can spend on the herb, the ailment, and your intentions. There are recommended doses on every remedy, but it is solely up to you. Again, please discuss with your doctor if you have any concerns and make sure you research the herbs beforehand, especially if you are allergic to certain plants and so on.

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